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In the Fall of 2008 when then US Senator Barack Obama attained the office of US President as the first African-American, you knew things had changed for America.

However, what we all failed to realize was that Barry O’s achievement did not only change the world and the image of America in it or what African-Americans could achieve, nope – he actually ripped the space time continuum and things would never be the same.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it. A time long ago and far, far, away – 2008 – President Obama took office he was viewed by his detractors as a Muslim, Socialist, radical, snob, who had no understanding of the common man in this country. He didn’t even want to wear the coveted flag pin on his lapel and he certainly was going to run the country to ruin.

Now, despite a high approval rating, Liberals say he’s a centrist, centrists say he’s too liberal and Conservatives just hate.

They think he’s baaaad. And that’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. Now can the deejay scratch a record for me, ‘cause here it is.

He’s soft on terrorists until he kills them and goes into Pakistan or “Pac-istan” – by his pronunciation. He’s going to raise taxes, even though he hasn’t and he’s a dove despite still engaging in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

OK – while the Right has always confounded me, my own Liberals are obviously hopping mad at the President and that just plain hurts.
Defending and explaining his policies and positions is a daily task for me on my social networking page, where folks who are obviously far more liberal than I – nudge, nudge, – say he’s the re-manifestation of George W. Bush, a friend of the health insurance companies and the banks.

The worst part is – there are few arguments that can be lodged to solidly disprove any of the above opinions. It seems while providing “hope” he’s managed to piss off everyone in the equation including NASA – to which he’s cut funding and therefore has disrupted the universe.

Yep, you heard it here first. He’s actually pissed off the universe by not wanting to fly anymore Space Shuttle missions.

So who else and what else has he angered??

The Usual Suspects

Ooh those Birthers! They’re convinced he went back in time – altered birth announcements in two Hawaiian papers, or had his mother do it; created a phony birth certificate – which he obviously photo shopped and concealed a secret trip to Kenya to be born, despite the fact that his mother met his absentee Daddy in college – which also was in Hawaii. This guy obviously has little on Captain Kirk.

So it’s obvious he makes the Right squirmy – he’s Black, eloquent and educated – they hate that. I guess they still haven’t recovered from the Disco sized snub from their former favorite darkie in charge to be – Colin Powell.

So why is The President such a bad guy to the Left?

Angry, Angry Liberals

Princeton University’s Professor Cornel West, one of the most respected and bright voices in political thought, recently went on an angry campaign against President Obama. He and Michael Dyson, a Georgetown professor, brimmed with anger about what he has not done for the poor and Blacks during a recent convention.

A week later Professor West, scarf in the summertime and all, went on a tour that included MSNBC to practically call our first Black Commander-in-Chief – an Uncle Tom? Ok, so he actually called him a “Black puppet of corporate plutocrats and the Black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs.”

West, who I love btw, went on to further impugn Barack as having no backbone, when it came to poor children, the wrongly jailed and the mistreated worker.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard this from my left leaning allies – who said they were tricked and that he has done nothing of what he promised on the campaign trail in 2007 and 2008. I usually refer them to the growing list of candidates on the Right, to which they usually do a Republican like shutdown and say they aren’t going to vote.

I get it - the role of radicals is to keep pushing for change and for better change, but I somehow don’t remember all of this skepticism when Bill Clinton and his penis where centrally pointed in the 90’s – hmmm.

Speaking of Clinton, James Carville, the former political strategist for Chilly Bill, also jumped in and, with his tongue planted firmly in his gaunt cheek, recently wrote that, “Obama is looking like a 2008 Republican.”
In the CNN column Carville, who famously criticized the President during last year’s Gulf crisis, characterized him as a “Pre-2008 John McCain Republican.” Carville went on to say that Obama is generally out Republican-ing the Republicans.

They say that Barack is one bad mutha – shut yo mouth! I’m just talking about Obama – then we can dig it.

So, what did Barack “Luke Skywalker” Obama do? He hopped on a jet and went on a European tour, told Israel they should help to build a Palestinian state and extended the Patriot Act from overseas with a magical, futuristic electronic signing thingy – Oy Vay!

But O There’s More

So as he flies around the world and zaps dictators with spy craft, the President also may have one unforeseen impact on the country.
Obama, the centrist, not the hardcore liberal me, Cornel West and others had dreamed of, may also fan the flames of political thought and force the creation of a true liberal party.

Shoot, his presidency has already created the concept of a third party in the Tea Party Movement on the Right and although they are still a part of the GOP, faster than you can say Sarah Palin, they are a heartbeat away from going it alone.

So by being who he is and has always been, President Obama may single handedly change politics in America as we know it and deal a death knell to the dreaded two party system. No more Whigs v. Federalists; Republicans v. Whigs, Dems v. Dixie-crats v. Republicans and no more Dems v. Neo-cons.

That’s right, from everything I read and hear, the displeasure he’s created on all sides may cause people to ban together and start organizing – which is what this country was founded on in the first place.

In the end, I guess if you piss all sides off, you must be doing something correct. As for President Pluto Nash and his liberal conservative views, maybe it truly is lonely at the top.

Or at least maybe it’s like they say in the song Garden Party – “they say you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.”

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  1. All I can say is good luck to anyone that is in charge of an “organization” where your colleagues, subordinates and others know better than you, do not work with you…and ABSOLUTELY refuse to do what you request…

    No one messed with the thieving beady eyed ‘c’ student…as we are all slowly/quickly being sucked down a proverbial hole…welcome to medieval Europe my friends!

  2. I found the article very interesting and a good analysi of the current state of how the country’s political thinkers are viewing the president. It seems he can’t do anything right by anyone, so he’s now become a target — it’s open season on Barack Hussein Obama. What I find interesting is that many of these people, particularly the libeerals, are condemning Obama for not being a political entity that never existed and cannot exist except in intellectual ideological abstractions. Those who recognize and understand the political realiies of 21st century America know good and well that policides, programs and change cannot come about in a vaccuum, especially when there is a stonewall of opposition meeting those attepts at every turn. From day one, the GOP Right, the Tea Party and a lot of white folks in general declared open warfare on the Obama presidency. The goal: To ruin it,, stop it in its track, make sure that it failed and failed miserably, no matter how in tatters it left the country. The sad reality is that those in the “loyal opposition” were immediately granted ally status by more than a few liberal Democrats, who it seems decidedd as well not to be on the bandwagon of Obama’s change. The only change they foresaw was changing their mind about supporting the programs advanced by the man on whose coattails many of them retained or gained their seats. With a veto proof majority, they squandered their political capital by suddenly challenging everything they gave lip service to during the campaign. While I can give a laundry list of my disappointments with Obama’s actions or inactions, it would be disingenuous to do so without lambasting the cowardly folks in his own party who abandoned him long before inaugration day,, and who continue to force him into all kinds of untenable positions and compromises just to keep the ship afloat and insure that America doesn’t disintegrate or implode on his watch. At what point do we call them out and demand they give Obama the support required to exercise a “backbone” and move boldly ahead with things that need to be done to make change a reality?

  3. I think Chris Hedges, Brother West and Bill Maher are right about Obama. An empty suit, basically.

    I never expected Obama to be a Progressive Superman, but I did expect him to be a DEMOCRAT, for crissakes, and to fight for the working class and the poor.

    He takes single payer OFF the health care table without a fight. He RECOMMITS to senseless wars abroad, which are, incidentally, bankrupting us. He REAUTHORIZES the Patriot Act.

    Enough. Bill Maher said it all: “Over the last 20 years, the Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved to the nut house.”

    And you’re correct: I’ve had it. I’m sick of this “lesser of two evils” bourgeois that guides so much political wisdom. This president needs to give me a positive REASON to support him in 2012. Otherwise, for the first time in my life, my checkbook is staying closed and I’m staying at home come Election Day — or else I’ll support some hopeless candidate with an honorable record and platform.


    Yes, they could — and maybe that’s EXACTLY what the American people need in order to wake the F up.

    Incidentally: Nobody’s going to jail for the financial crisis but Bernie Madoff? Half the people responsible would be really easy to find — they’re working for the Obama administration.

    I’m just warmin’ up, Steve …

  4. P.S. As an old friend of mine says, America has reached the point where there’s no right Right and no Left left. The corporations used to have a political party, the Republicans. The people used to have a political party, the Democrats. Starting with Bill Clinton, the corporations have bought up the Democrats, as well. What we have in this country now is one party, the Corporate Party, with a left wing and a right wing, just for show …

  5. WOW! I trust and believe that by the end of his second term, as President, there will be less hate more belief and greater understanding.

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