Boom Bap Radio – January 30, 2016

White Out!

A week after surviving a historic blizzard, the Boom Bap Radio trio of The C.O., Angry Engineer and Masta Talka chat up the week’s events, which seemed to have a decidedly white tinge to them. Donald Trump brought on Sarah Palin for support, while dissing Megyn Kelley, Martin Shkreli began talking slick to Ghostface and the Wu and a white guy is slated to play Michael Jackson in an upcoming movie. Sounds like a white-alicious week to me. But despite near whiteout conditions, Hip Hop, sweet, sweet Hip Hop, rallied to save the day. The Donald lost in Iowa and a teacher in Arizona was exonerated and was correct, her students were calling her the N-word. But the music was so, so funky. We revisited Rampage’s boomin’ new hit “Pound Cake,” honored LL on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; and played funky tracks from Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, ODB, the Wu, the Gza, NaS and Papoose, to name a few. Yo Damon, come get you cousin – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

Da Play List

  1. Looks Like a Job For – Big Daddy Kane  -  (1987) – Looks Like A Job For
  2. Funky Beat -  Whodini – (1986) – Back in Black
  3. Triple Stage of Darkness – 3rd Bass – (1995) – The Cactus
  4. Thank You -  Busta/Q-Tip  – (2013)
  5. Pound Cake -  Rampage – (2016)
  6. Black Girl Lost – Nas feat. Papoose – (2009) – Streetsweepers – 21 Gun Salute
  7. Ill Collabo -  The Dwellas feat. Monch and Prince Po – (2000) – Leakage
  8. Goin’ Back to Cali – LL Cool J – 1987
  9. Liquid Swords -  GZA – (1995) – Liquid Swords
  10. Obey Me -  ODB – (2015)
  11. Hollow Bones – Wu – (2000) – The W.
  12. Shame on a Nigga – Wu  – (1993) – Enter the 36 Chambers
  13. All Falls Down – Kanye – (2004) -  College Drop Out

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