Boom Bap Radio – Dec. 14, 2014

Can’t Breathe! – Uncensored XII

With no indictments returned by grand juries in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, NY, the BBR Crew – Angry Engineer, The C.O. and Masta Talka – got all rugged and raw with the world’s best protest music. Taped hours after thousands marched with Rev. Al and the families of unarmed men slain by police, the BBR crew let the fur fly and yes Virginia, the revolution was most definitely televised.  Although miles away from the live scene in Washington D.C., the crew decided to stay Jersey side and demand new federal policing standards and the end of police violence with the its own special list of speakers: Ice Cube, N.W.A.; Public Enemy, Redman, Cypress Hill, Kool G. Rap, the Outsidaz, Gang Starr to name few. Unabashedly filthy, our conscious rhymes may have spanned decades, but seemed so relevant they could have been written just days ago. We didn’t care if you dunked Nicki Minaj’s booty in some milk, accused Bill Cosby of drugging and violating a chick or averted a government shutdown. We weren’t gonna let no one turn us around! If Sam Jackson’s in here he can get three pieces! It’s Boom Bap Radio.

Da Play List

  1. Bring the Noise – PE – 1988 – It Takes A Nation of Millions
  2. Who Protects Us From You?  – 1989 – KRS-ONE – Ghetto Music
  3. Let Da Monkey Out – Redman – 2000 – Doc’s Da Name
  4. The People – De La feat Chuck D – 2014
  5. Duck Seazon – Wu – 1997 – Forever
  6. Proteck Ya Neck II – The Zoo – ODB – 1995 – Return to the Chamber
  7. Come Clean – Jeru The Damaja – 1994 – Sun Rises in the East
  8. Fuck the Police – NWA – 1988 – Straight Outta Compton
  9. Who Got the Camera – Ice Cube – 1992 – The Predator
  10. Shut ‘Em Down – Onyx feat Nore/Pun -1998 – Shut ‘Em Down
  11. White America – Em – 2002 – The Eminem Show
  12. Take It Personal – Gang Starr – 1992 – Daily Operation
  13. Pigs – Cypress Hill – 1991 – Cypress Hill
  14. Cot Damn – Clipse – 2002 – Lord Willin’
  15. Probable Cause – Brand Nubian – 1998 – Foundation
  16. Ready For War – Busta feat M.O.P. – 2000 – Anarchy
  17. About to Go Down – Outsidaz – 1999 – Night Life

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