Boom Bap Radio – Nov. 2, 2013

Halloween Frightfest

What do you call it when zombies, witches, ghosties and ghouls effortlessly drift from place to place and folks dress in blackface without regard for people’s feelings and purely for entertainment? Well, it’s either the 1930’s America, the set of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Halloween 2013. Just days after Halloween, The BBR Crew: J-Crush, Angry Engineer, The C.O. and Masta Talka look back at the last couple of weeks and came away with only questions. Why did the roll-out of the Affordable Healthcare Act website suck? Why is Germany, a place that can’t even have a standing army surprised we’ve been spying on them for more than a decade? Why are scores of white kids putting on black face and laughing and the shooting death of Trayvon Martin? Why is Chris Brown so darn mad? During this spooktastic edition – The Gravediggaz, Whodini, Public Enemy, Geto Boys, EPMD, and Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce provide all the candy we need to feel like our trick or treating wasn’t in vain. No, Julianne Hough, blackface isn’t funny, you ignorant, racist! It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Da Play List

  1. Night of the Living Baseheads – PE – 1988 – It Takes A Nation Of Millions
  2. Haunted House of Rock – Whodini – 1983 – Whodini
  3. Diary of a Madman – Gravediggaz – 1997 – 6 Feet Deep
  4. Mind Playing Tricks On Me  – Geto Boys – 1991 – We Can’t Be Stopped
  5. Call the Ambulance – Busta – 2002 – It Ain’t Safe No More
  6. Children’s Story – Black Star – 1999 – Black Star
  7. Get the Bozak – EPMD – 1989 – Unfinished Business
  8. Get At Me Dog – DMX feat Sheek – 1998 – It’s Dark and Hell is Hot
  9. Who Can Get Busy Like This Man – Brand Nubian – 1990 – One For All
  10. Danger – Blazahy Blazahy – 1995
  11. The Mask – Fugees  – 1998  – The Score
  12. It’s My Beat – Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce – 1986
  13. Public Service Announcement – Jay Z  – 2003  – The Black Album
  14. Barry Bonds  – Kanye feat Lil Wayne – 2007 – Graduation
  15. Classic – DJ Premier feat Rakim, NaS, KRS-ONE – 2007
  16. Make My Day – Common feat Cee Lo – 2008  – Universal Mind Control
  17. Nightmares  – Dana Dane – 1987  – Dana Dane

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