Each month we at Boom Bap Radio will bestow "The Douchey McDouche Bag" award on the biggest dickheads in the news. This category is not limited to politicians or entertainers or even athletes, there's room for everyone on this bench.

However, each month one person stands out as the absolute winner of our coveted prize.

The award is based on the name I gave a menial worker from a big box department store, who insisted that my item was no longer in stock without looking. This douche actually made me order the item online and had a whole five-minute explanation of why the product was not available days after Christmas. Evidently it was shipped back to some remote warehouse over the hills and far, far away.

Imagine my surprise when about an hour later, while walking to the other end of the store, I found piles of my item, neatly stacked and very much available.

So, this one goes out to that collared shirt wonder, who obviously knew nothing, but before he knew a whole friggin' lot “Douche Bag!!" Hey dickwad - this award  goes out to you - Douche!!!

The June 2011 Docuhey McDouche Bag Award Winner

First I have to apologize.
This blog posting will be filled with all of the pun-based silliness that would beset a story about a guy who has a problem controlling his pudd. I mean the guy’s name is Weiner – for God’s sake!

So this is a tale about a man and his weiner.

Since taking office US Rep. Anthony D. Weiner displayed an unparalleled passion for the rights of the downtrodden. The former councilman from Brooklyn and the replacement for the Sen. Charles Schumer, Weiner seemed to be that sweaty man in the grey suit; that guy that really had a hard-on in fighting for the poor.

I think this is what disturbs me the most about this guy’s fall from grace. How can a guy with so much promise manage to piss it all away by catering to the whims of his piss pump?

Perhaps he just tried to perform the sincerest form of penis envy by posing and tugging on his member ad-nauseaum for the whole world to see in what was a disturbing “sexting” scandal?

In the end, the Congressman was disgraced and ended up resigning his post, letting down his constituents, liberals, New York City and of course his pants.
This one goes out to you former Congressman! You are the Boom Bap Radio Douchey McDouche Bag for June 2011.

Thanks for nothing – You Douche!

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