Oh Hell No!!!

 I have to admit after his stunning victory in South Carolina, I was ready to proclaim Newt Gingrich a “pimp,” and I still may.

However, if you needed further proof that modern Hip Hop is as easy to copy as a Dr. Seuss rhyme and in the worst period of decline in its history, then you’ve gotta check out this little gem.

Three teens from Florida actually pulled together a rhyme called “Hoot for Newt,” this past weekend.

With a chorus of: “yeah hoot, hoot, hoot. Hey everybody vote for Newt,” three 18-year-old’s from St. Lucie shoved their demo at the Newtster before a speech.


The trio, an aspiring rock band, reportedly wrote the song in one night and it showed. Sing-songy and just wrong, the three should have stuck to the traditional stuff with their rancid rap, that featured such wick-wack rhymes like:  “Obama ‘bout to step out the White House, Gingrich getting ready to get in the White House..” and  “Hoot, hoot, hoot. Hey everybody vote for Newt,”  the likes of Jay-Z and Common don’t have to worry about losing their spot in the culture, but I guess when you dumb down something you open yourself up to this crap.

One picture with Newt later, the three were not able to perform their song at an actual Gingrich rally, but were actively trying to find a way to publicly perform their  – umm “master piece.”

I guess it really is hard out here for a pimp.

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