Boom Bap Radio – April 25, 2015

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

So when the greatest American hero from the 70’s tells the world that he is going in for gender re-assignment surgery, it’s obvious that change is afoot, but for us at Boom Bap Radio – what was old, was really new again. We welcomed the return of the wayward J-Crush, our resident MC and, like everyone else in the country, watched Mr. Wheaties Bruce Jenner chop it up with Diane Sawyer shortly before he officially morphs into “She.” I think I should have been more disturbed, but I actually just felt sad for dude, three marriages, a bunch of kids and a few gold medals can’t hide who you are inside. For us Hip Hop is who we are, so we served a veritable breakfast of champions. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five; Kool Moe Dee, Grand Puba, Run-DMC, Mobb Deep and all of the usual suspects laid down their classic funk and we took in new joints from De La Soul featuring NaS and Ghostface with Kool G. Rap, AZ and Tre Williams. So what do you get when you mistakenly shoot an unarmed man to death? A vacation in the Bahamas, of course – smh. Yo, was that a coyote or a bison? It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Da Play List

  1. Superrappin  – Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five – 1979
  2. I Like It – Grand Puba – 1995 – 2000
  3. La La La – Jay-Z – 2003 – Bad Boys II Soundtrack
  4. Poetry – BPD – 1987 – Criminal Minded
  5. La Di Da Di – Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick – 1988
  6. Krush Groovin’ – Krush Groove Krew – 1985 – Krush Groove
  7. God It – De La Soul/NaS – 2015
  8. How You Like Me Now – Kool Moe Dee – 1987 – How You Like
  9. Rebirth of Cool – Digable Planets – 1993- Reachin’
  10. Skinny Dip – Ed OG & Da Bulldogs – 1993 – Roxbury 02119
  11. Black is Black – Jungle Brothers – 1988 – Straight Outta
  12. Shook Ones – Mobb Deep – 1995 – The Infamous
  13. Manifest – Gang Starr – 1989 – No More Mr. Nice Guy
  14. Miuzi Weighs a Ton – PE – 1987 – Yo, Bum Rush the Show
  15. You Be Illin’ – Run DMC – 1986 – Raisin’ Hell
  16. The Battlefield – Ghost/Kool G/AZ – 2014 -36 Seasons

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