Boom Bap Radio – Jan. 24, 2015

The Mic Drop

To kick off our “2015 Campaign-O-Fun” – we here at Boom Bap Radio decided to focus on the Leader of the Free World and his “drop the mic moment” which occurred during his sixth State of the Union Address. Because Barry-O had to let the world, the GOP and whoever else was listening, that he was still running point, the BBR crew of J-Crush, the C.O., Masta Talka and Angry Engineer felt obliged to follow the President’s lead by playing funky Classic Hip-Hop in direct conflict with commercial radio.  Along the way we give our view on the Charlie Hedbo controversy, Jahadi John of ISIS fame, the Cheat-riots and De-flate-gate and America’s strategic return to Cuba. Ha ha – Jeb Bush, you’re too late – we got this! As do Dr. Dre, Snoop; Dead Prez; Grand Puba, De La Soul, Ghostface and The Four Owls along with so many others on this ride to Funkytown. Yo, Funk Flex, stop playing all that young-ass garbage. That ain’t the culture. Wait I’ve gotta take this – I think Jay’s texting you in all CAPS AGAIN! Or maybe it’s just – Boom Bap Radio.

Da Play List

  1. Next Episode – Dre/Snoop/Nate Dogg – 2001 – Chronic II
  2. Ya Mama – Pharcyde – 1992 – Bizarre Ride II the…
  3. Ya Know How It Goes – Grand Puba – 1992 – Reel to Reel
  4. This is a Recording – De La Soul – 1987 – 3 Feet High…
  5. The Chubbster – Chubb Rock – 1991 – The One
  6. The Game of Life – Dead Prez – 1997 – Soul in the Hole
  7. Represent the Real – Das EFX/KRS – 1993 – Hold it Down
  8. Love Don’t Live Here – (Live) – Ghost – 2015 – Tonight Show
  9. NY, NY – Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five – 1987
  10. The New Style – Beastie – 1987 – Licensed to Ill
  11. 8 Min to Sunrise – Common/Jill Scott – 2007 – Collabo’s
  12. Nuttin’ But Flavor – Funk Flex/Ghetto All Stars – 1995
  13. Who You Wit II – Jay-Z – 1997 – In My Lifetime Vol. I
  14. Dirt Off – Jay-Z – 2003 – The Black Album
  15. Jingling Baby – LL Cool J – 1987 – Walking with a Panther
  16. Think Twice – The Four Owls/DJ Premier – 2015

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