Boom Bap Radio – June 16, 2012

Howdy Neighbor!!!!

With the special secret ops of J-Crush continuing – Boom Bap Radio is again Crushless, but never fear The Angry Engineer, Masta Talka and The CO (formerly Sexy C) still manage to cobble together a phat and entertaining show. The crew celebrates Black Music Month and talk about George Zimmerman and his wife getting locked the F up, John Edwards, nasty ass Coach Sandusky, Ice-T and more. Of course Hip-Hop is on the menu – the Fat Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Big Pun, Marley Marl, Craig G and so many more – Boom Bap Radio!


Da Playlist

  1. My Addidas – Run DMC – 1986 – Raising Hell
  2. Still Not a Player  – Big Pun  – 1998 – Capital Punishment
  3. H to the Izzo  – Jay-Z  – 2001 – The Blueprint
  4. Ready or Not – Fugees – 1996  – The Score
  5. Fat Boys Are Back – Fat Boys – 1985 – Fat Boys Are Back
  6. Boogie Down Bronx – Nice & Smooth – 1997 – IV Blazin Hot
  7. Call the Ambulance – Busta  – 2002  – It Ain’t Safe No More
  8. Momma Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J – 1990 – Momma Said Knock …
  9. Brother Gonna Work it Out – PE – 1990 – Fear of a Black Planet
  10. High Rollers – Ice-T – 1988 – Power
  11. Droppin Science – Marley Marl feat Craig G – 1988 – In Control Vol. 1
  12. Mrs. International – Red and Meth – 2009 – Black  Out!! 2
  13. I-ight – Doug E. Fresh – 1993 – Single

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Masta Talka

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One thought on “Boom Bap Radio – June 16, 2012”

  1. Gotta drop y’all a line…keep up the good work putting’ the message out to the youth rockin’ the gold tooth. This is what America is about giving everyone a chance to shine and the majority of “right wingers” are scared to death. Hey CO, thanks for taking that reality tv show bullet for me, cause the Hunger Games is where it’s headed. Love ya 1.

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