Boom Bap Radio – March 14, 2015

Happy Int’l Women’s History Month

Days into International Women’s History Month, the Boom Bap Radio crew finally decided to get to work by honoring the many female MC’s who have made Hip Hop a better place. Aaah the good ‘ol days when there were female rappers throughout the Hip Hop landscape and there was no Iggy Azalea to be found. The C.O., the Angry Engineer and Masta Talka traveled on a musical journey that included the likes of Lauryn Hill, Dimples D; Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and so many more dope MC’s in this celebration of female lyricists. In this blissful, post-racial world, we didn’t worry about bigoted fraternities in Oklahoma, letters to Iran from Conservatives, the killing of more unarmed minorities by police in Los Angeles and Wisconsin, or the celebratory 50th Anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama. Nope. Well at least we’ll never have to worry about there being a nigger SAE. Good thing those kooky kids aren’t racist. I’m told they have really good hearts. Yo! Is dude pooping on my car? Oh crap. It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Da Play List

  1. Wrath of My Madness – Queen Latifah – 1989 – All Hail To The
  2. The Rain – Missy – 1997 – Supa Dupa Fly
  3. Capuccino – MC Lyte – 1989 – Eyes on This
  4. Cold Rock A Party – MC Lyte – 1997 – Bad As I Wanna Be
  5. Ladies Night – Lil Kim/Missy/Left Eye/Da Brat/Angie – 1997
  6. Lost Ones – Lauryn Hill – 1998 – The Miseducation of…
  7. It’s My Beat – Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce – 1988
  8. Sugar Plum Fairy – Judi Jetsunn/Lucky Charms – 1995
  9. Wild Thing – 2 Much – 1988
  10. Biz & Candy – Biz/Candie Cane – 1998 – Flip Squad AllStar’s
  11. In the Woods – DeLa/Shorty – 1993 Buhloone Mindstate
  12. Stand Up – Charli Baltimore/Ghost – 1999 – Cold As Ice
  13. Oh Yeah – Foxy Brown – 2001 – Broken Silence
  14. Throwdown – Sparky D – 1987
  15. Bang Zoom – Real Roxanne – 1986
  16. Sucker DJ’s – Dimples D – 1983
  17. None of Your Business – Salt N Pepa – 1993 – Very Necessary

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