Boom Bap Radio – Uncensored XVII – July 9, 2016

Don’t Throw Your Gunz in the Air

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT!!! – Just a week after celebrating its 240th anniversary, America got its collective groove on and did what it do. Cops were shooting unarmed Black men AGAIN. Cops shot a Black man who was selling CD’s, cops shot a Black man licensed to carry a gun during traffic a stop and a deranged Black sniper preyed on police during a peaceful protest rally with his legally purchased arsenal. However real fireworks display was brought in later when the Dallas Police used a robot to blow up the shooting suspect for the first time in history – it was soooooo Yankee Doodle Dandy. In the end, everything was all Obama and Black Lives Matter’s fault; Trump praised dead tyrant Saddam Hussein for his prowess in killing terrorists and we’re still waiting for the NRA to hollaback. After the dust settled, Masta Talka and the Angry Engineer got all uncensored on this ‘itch and invited the likes of Redman, Biggie, Snoop, The Game, Nas and the Wu to set the record straight through one of America’s most recent inventions – Hip Hop. Yo, former Congressman Joe Walsh, who exactly lives in “Real America?” Did slave labor build that shit too? – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

Da Play List

  1. Self Destruction – BDP/Various – 1989
  2. Assassination Day – Ghostface – 1996 – Ironman
  3. Hellz Wind Staff – Wu – 1997 – Forever
  4. Da Bullshit – Redman – 2001 – Malpractice
  5. Survival of the Fittest – Mobb Deep – 1995 – The Infamous
  6. Pump Pump – Snoop – 1993 – Doggystyle
  7. Lyrical Gangbang – Dre – 1992 – The Chronic
  8. Uptown Anthemn – Naughty By Nature – 1991 – Naughty By Nature
  9. Peace of Mind – Gang Starr – 2003 – The Ownerz
  10. Hate or Love it – 50 Cent feat. The Game – 2005 – The Massacre
  11. Come On – Biggie feat Sadat X – 1999 – Born Again
  12. Let Me Get Down – Biggie – 1999 – Born Again
  13. Life’s A Bitch – NaS feat A.Z. – 1994 – Illmatic

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