F – LeBron!

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen – especially not LeBron James.

I’m a Knicks Fan!!!

So, when the Dallas Mavericks bested the Miami Heat in six games and took the 2010-11 NBA Championship – I did a little dance.

Yeah, I’m a hater. And I hate few teams more than the Miami Heat. This legacy of hate began long before the Big Three and Dwayne Wade.
My Heat hate is long and old.

It started in the 90’s, but gained real traction when then Knicks coach bounced for South Beach with little discussion or fanfare. It got thicker when Alonzo Mourning joined the group and almost stomped Coach Van Gundy and Charlie Ward got flipped by PJ Brown.

That group in Miami have always typified everything crappy about basketball and the slicked back, pastel wearing people who cheer for that brand of hoops in Southern Florida.

Think about it – they are such a classless organization that in 1994-1995 when Jordan retired the first time – they had posters of the championship ring posted throughout Miami International Airport. Needless to say, they didn’t win.

That being said, I have little love for this current crop.

As a basketball fan, I respect Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh as young dynamic players. However, all of the arrogance and presumption of victory made me hope for a dose of humility and as many losses as possible.

But as a Knick fan I watch my squad play them constantly and I grew tired of the hype long before the season even began.

That’s why Bron-Bron’s little tirade about people and their problems and hate – was one of the most rewarding points of the season. In case you missed it a terse faced King James condescendingly lashed out at all haters, who openly hoped he and the Heat would go down in flames.

Bron-Bron’s quote:

     All the people that were rooting for me to fail… at the end of the day,    tomorrow they have to wake up and have the same life that (they had) before they woke up today,” James said. “They got the same personal problems they had today. And I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things I want to do.”

Yeah, yeah – whatever!

I have no tolerance for a cry-baby multi-millionaire and even less tolerance for one who plays their basketball in South Beach. Sure we all have our crappy lives to live and won’t be able to shine like Bron-Bron, but that’s the ironic part.

Despite all of his wealth and all of his commercial endorsements, LeBron James and the other members of the self-proclaimed “Big Three,” have a life we all would love to have. They get to play a game for a living and make more money than most of us will ever see, but for just one night the tables turned. The Heat lost to the Mavs and for once the common Joe; the one with the personal problems, was important to multi-millionaire James, who scowled at the hate.

The irony is that money truly isn’t everything – so he can’t take it with him and its value changes on a whim – a lot like public opinion. In fact, that anger he directed at common folks is refreshing. Why should we feel good or bad for this millionaire or any other? We cry over real things – losing our homes and jobs, while he cries over losing a game.

In the end – I think the average person is more in touch with reality than LeBron and his loss and post-game comments make that point more poignant.

So we may be poor,  woeful and hateful, but LeBron, for at least one night, you were something  too – a LOSER!

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One thought on “F – LeBron!”

  1. HA HA HA…..wouldn’t it feel better as a Knicks fan to knock off the defending Champs in the playoffs next year? As we know if Melo dedicates himself to a Nutritionist and the serious weightlifting / cross training to drop 15 – 20lbs of chubbiness along w/ Stoudemire actually trying to get 11 boards minimum per game + a better defensive mindset that we ( Knicks) are also only 2 positional players away for a title run!

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