Boom Bap Radio – Feb. 21, 2015

Racists and All the Hateful Lessons They Teach

In this Black History Month special, we continue our pursuit of education and this week turn our collective eyes to one of the most integral elements of this historic month – racists. Did you know in Mississippi you aren’t racist if you refer to all Blacks as “lazy welfare recipients?” How about if you put up signs that read: “White Power” – nope, at least not in Texas. How about if a New Yorker says the first African-American president doesn’t love the country he serves and was raised by Communists? Well, while that would at least make you a jerk, it evidently is not a racist – and we checked. Evidently, the whole racist thing is erased when the President is Black, but his mother and grandparents are white. Wow – I so didn’t know. Thanks for the lesson Rudy, you cross-dressing hater. So what about Hip Hop? Despite not showing the Hip Hop category on television or honoring any black rappers at the Grammy’s, we learned we don’t need no stinkin’ awards show to celebrate the culture. Blackness was openly celebrated by The Angry one, C.O. and Masta Talka with the help of Slick Rick, Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Goodie Mob, Gang Starr, Jadakiss and even Kwame. Yo! Is that Iggy’s bum or some doughy, pockmarked pastries from down under? Who knows? But there is one this we do know – it’s Boom Bap Radio!

Da Play List

  1. I’m Still #1 – BDP – 1989 – By Any Means Necessary
  2. Brown Skin Woman – KRS-ONE – 1993 – Return of the Boom
  3. Looking for the Perfect Beat – Afrika Bam/Soulsonic Force
  4. Teenage Love – Slick Rick – 1988 – The Great Adventures of..
  5. Cinderfella – Dana Dane – 1987 – Dana Dane
  6. Soul Food – Goodie Mob – 1995 – Soul Food
  7. The Rhythm – Kwame – 1989 – The Boy Genius
  8. Player’s Anthem – Jr. Mafia – 1995 – Conspiracy
  9. Satisfaction – Eve – 2002 – Eve-Olution
  10. Some Seek Stardome – The Fugees – 1994 – Blunted on Reality
  11. Biz & Candy – Biz/Candy Cane – 1998 – Flip Squad All Star DJ
  12. Prophets of Rage – PE – 1988 – It Takes a Nation of Millions
  13. Can’t Do Nothing For You Man – PE – 1990 – Fear of a Black..
  14. Phuncky Feel One – Cypress Hill – 1991 – Cypress Hill
  15. Knock Yourself Out – Jadakiss – 2001 – Kiss the Game…
  16. Inside Out – Queen Latifah – 1989 – All Hail to the Queen

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