Boom Bap Radio – January 16, 2016

State Of the Union

Recorded just days after U.S. President Barack Obama gave his final State of the Union, the Boom Bap Radio trio of The C.O., Masta Talka and the eternally Angry Engineer asked the burning question when it came to the web’s favor Hip Hop podcast: “What’s Good?” Opening 2016 with a bang, the BBR crew gave a shout-out to The Culture with the help of Rampage and his boomin’ new hit “Pound Cake.” We even brought in the new year with more new cuts like” Creature” from Warhol’s Wig and Kool A.D. and returning banger “Touch” from our man O.E. Of course we laughed at The Donald and the GOP, mused at all of those who threw their loot away in pursuit of the $1.5 Billion Power Ball jackpot and saluted Run-DMC’s groundbreaking reception of a Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award. But this is still n Ol’ School based Hip Hop show, no Trap music, no dabbin and no Dae Dae-ing over here. Eric B and Rakim, LL Cool J, L.O.N.S.; NaS, Artifacts ruled the day. Yo man, stop sending the Po Po your selfies, it’ll definitely get you arrested – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

Da Play List

  1. Paid in Full – Eric B & Rakim – 1987 – Paid In Full
  2. Pound Cake – Rampage – 2016
  3. Oh Yeah – Rottin Razkals – 1995 – Rotten to the Core
  4. Run’s House – Run-DMC – 1988 – Tougher Than Leather
  5. Art of Facts – Artifacts – 1997 – That’s Them
  6. Touch – O.E. – 2015
  7. Creature – Warhol’s Wig feat Kool A.D. – 2015
  8. Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop feat. Pharrell – 2004 – R&G1
  9. I Pioneered This – MC Shan – 1988 – Born to Be Wild
  10. Cheesy Rat Blues – LL Cool J – 1990 – Momma Said Knock You Out
  11. Scenario (Remix) – Tribe feat L.O.N.S.- 1998 – Love Movement
  12. You Owe Me – NaS – 2001 – Stillmatic
  13. All For One – Brand Nubian – 1990 – One For All

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