When Hip Hop Happens:

The Roots Play Lyin’ Ass Bitch as Intro for GOP’s Michele Bachmann
Monday 11/21/11

Just when I thought it was impossible for my admiration and respect to grow any larger for how they roll, Questlove and The Roots, have earned our first ever Boom Bap Radio – Big Up!

The Roots, who serve as the house band for NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, defied the PC norm on Monday night 11/21/11 and straight up kept it real.

That night, Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann was the guest and as she strode out to the set to sit next to Jimmy, the band kept it gully by playing the Fishbone classic song – “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.”

The band was later panned by the candidate for being sexist and bias. Bachmann went on to demand an apology from NBC.

Well to date, only Fallon has apologized via Twitter stating: “I’m honored that Michele Bachmann was on our show yesterday and I’m sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back.”

He also said Questlove was grounded – and the band later described that action as “spur of the moment and tongue –in-cheek.”
Tongue-in-Cheek and biting commentary is what we love about The Roots – on the Hip Hop tip.

Although Bachmann was outraged by the song, maybe she should have been equally as outraged by lying about taking government funding for her family’s farm or for not knowing about The Founding Fathers, the end of slavery, the swine flu and the cause of developmental disabilities – to name a few.

While we realize they have to work, it was still gangsta to state the truth on national television and for that we big up you and Philly! The Roots are the latest example of when Hip Hop Happens!!!!

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